Matthew Lehner | Operations Manager

I first became interested in landscaping many years ago. I have always appreciated a well-kept property but never fully realized how much professional landscaping can transform a space until I witnessed it firsthand. Over time I saw many homes in my childhood neighborhood transformed by professional landscaping as the area passed through a phase of gentrification. It was at this point I started to realize the true value of professional landscaping.

I now enjoy helping others improve and maintain their properties so that they too can realize what professional landscaping can do. It would be my pleasure to learn more about you and what I can do to help take care of or improve your habitat.

Jeremy Ennis | Founder & Customer Service

Jeremy Ennis has been landscaping for more than a decade which has allowed him to accumulate a wealth of knowledge. When Habitats Landscape was formed, his more than ten years of experience proved invaluable. Mr. Ennis now acts as a consultant for the company.

Dom Rutledge | Maintenance

Dom is a seasoned veteran with many years of landscaping experience. Dom mainly focuses on maintenance but has some experience with small landscape construction projects. This is his third year with the company which means he is an indispensable asset to the maintenance team.

Phil Fudalej | Maintenance

It’s Phil’s second year with the company and his third year in the landscaping field. He brings cutting edge precision to the team and pays attention to every detail. Phil takes great pleasure in transforming your property into one of a kind and makes you enjoy coming home even more by maintaining it.